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"We only enjoy what we share."

Les mères rivales ou la Calomnies by Madame de Genlis

See and show: shared works

Creating an exhibition is telling History or a story through the gaze and space. It is to offer an encounter with works of art, a very special category of objects in our society because it has no practical use, but has always existed. They contain a part of humanity to be seen and that is why they are essential. 

For me, exhibition design is like creating a show. Je  therefore offers stagings adapted to the nature of the works, the chosen theme, as well as the space. It is by creating links, ruptures, voids that we create a universe in which the viewer will be at the heart of the works of art.

If staging is already a mediation in its own right, it seems interesting to me to propose other media in parallel. The forms can be multiple: Visit offering a focus on 1 to 3 works only, escape game, game booklet for children, etc.  


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