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"Go my child, sometimes we don't find what we are looking for but other much more precious treasures" 

Lakkle of songs by Nadine Charvolin

Research: a treasure hunt

Gathering documents and knowledge around a theme, an object or a human being is to have a glimpse of the past, it is to confront otherness, it is to discover a little of oneself elsewhere. It's a meeting. 

A material encounter with documentary funds varied by their nature (archives, publications, photographs, testimonies...) and transversal by their disciplinary fields (art history, sociology, philosophy, natural sciences...). An intellectual and timeless encounter which also allows the understanding - or at least the approach - of bygone or suspended moments, outstanding personalities, incongruous events, they bring a why, a how and a where.

Conversely, sometimes we are faced with emptiness. It is then an encounter with oblivion, with our mortality, because history - like the history of art - sorts and chooses.

From the plurality of nature of these encounters arise different final forms to be given to the research. These forms adapt to the desired purpose and the target audience.

La Roue Libre offers the following forms: 

  • Searching for raw data

  • The documentary synthesis

  • Data transcription

  • Information and creation of research tools

  • The scientific article

  • The creation of exhibitions

  • The enhancement of public or private collections


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