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"Alone, we go faster: together we go further."

African proverb


Works of art are prime mediums for questioning life and humanity. This is why I offer fun art history lessons that question as much as they teach by mixing knowledge sharing and learning to look. In our society full of images, it is essential to bring keys of understanding to the youngest as well as to adults. Understanding what you see is the start of a magnificent journey. 


With the same objective as for the courses, the conferences tell the history of art with a thematic starting point. Making unknown artists and works visible, as well as offering an encounter with an era is close to my heart. 

Philosophy workshops with children: 

The animation of philosophy workshops with children and/or adults based on works of art consists of an active and collective reflection on the major questions of existence from the rich support that are works of art. In these workshops, everyone confronts their ideas and those of others and it is together that the content is created.


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