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This creativity coupled with a great curiosity pushes her to explore new horizons and to share them, as evidenced by her training in the animation of philosophy workshops with children. As a teacher, she is passionate about pedagogy and tries to develop another transmission of art history based on the experience and involvement of students, a bias that can be found in her conception of cultural mediation.

She develops a methodology and knowledge of advanced research tools, as well as a global vision of the themes and issues specific to the history of art. Enriched by training as a dancer and choreographer, she puts her passion for scenography and staging at the service of culture.

Art historian trained at the Michel Montaigne University of Bordeaux and that of Rennes 2, Natacha Emmanuelle Quilez-Casulleras has field experience acquired in the largest cultural institutions in France, such as the Musée d'Orsay and the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris

La Roue Libre Culture is a service company in the field of culture. Its objectives are to build, transmit and enhance cultural heritage.
It accompanies companies and public or private institutions as well as associations and individuals in their project by offering them tailor-made solutions adapted to the identity of each one. All possible resources are used to create authentic, effective and accessible content with the desire to promote collective openness.

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